AssalamualaykumWarahmatullah, We have arranged on your behalf for Hajj 2021/1442H; o 100% non-shifting service. o Hajj flight ticket. o Hajj Visa. o Hajj Draft. o Accommodation in Makkah and Madina (minimum 10minutes walk from Harem Shareef). o Experienced Guides to help you perform Hajj. Booking requirements needed; In the Brochure provided, please find attached the Hajj 2020 Booking Form. Please fill out this form accordingly and return to Protibha Tours via email or post. Please also provide the following: • Passport photocopy. • Proof of address. • 4 Passport Sized Photos, with name and date of birth written on reverse. Prices apply as per person: Other requirementsneeded; - Passport (with at least 6 months validity from date of travel). - Valid Meningitis (ACWY) Immunisation Certificate (photocopy). - Women to be accompanied by Mahram (i.e. father, brother, maternal uncle (18+). - Documents for proof of relation between women and under 18 passengers. - Relation must be proven between spouses with different surnames. - Relation must be proven between women &children under 18 years and Mahram. Please note:Inshallah, all attempts will be made to provide the same hotels in Makkah/Madina as demonstrated in the photos in the Hajj Brochure 2020. We would like to advise those who have an intention for Hajj 2020 to book as early as possible as late bookings may cause disappointment. *WE DO ALL THE HARD WORK, YOU JUST PRAY*

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